Graduate Students, Middle School Teachers, and Faculty Using Engineering in Context & Engineering in the World Around Us To Excite and Inspire Middle School Students in Philadelphia

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Nano Enlightenment

Recent years have witnessed a burgeoning excitement about nanotechnology and its impact on the world, including such topics as smaller, faster, cheaper, more robust computer chips, MEMS devices, and templating for bio-medical investigations including DNA sequencing and biomimetics. NanoEnlightenment hopes to teach concepts and instruments widely used for nanotech research in a simple, easy to understand manner. For example, one of our projects designed for university freshmen illustrates the use of a Magnetic Force Microscope using LEGO bricks. The exercise is designed so that the students familiarize themselves with the advances in science while having fun simultaneously  As these topics develop, it is imperative for the next-generation engineers and scientists to receive a broad interdisciplinary foundation that establishes the pervasiveness of nanotechnology on which to build their future careers.

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The Drexel/UPenn IGERT program is a joint effort between the two universities, funded by NSF, to provide the best and brightest students with an opportunity to embark on research in the multidisciplinary field of nanotechnology. 
This program allows Ph.D. students to learn about nanotechnology beyond the scope of their particular research project, through activities such as seminars, industry and government speakers, and international research exchange opportunities. The program is Directed by Dr. Yury Gogotsi at Drexel and Dr. Dawn Bonnell at Penn. Under the leadership of Drs. Bonnell and Gogotsi, these two pioneering institutions in nanoscale innovation are coming together to educate the leading nanoscience researchers of the future.

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