Holographically Formed Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals

H-PDLCs are liquid crystal substrates that have been manufactured to form tunable bragg gratings that can be used to create displays, fiber optic signal filtration and control, inexpensive spectrometers, dynamically reconfigurable contact photolithography masking layers, and optically switchable mirrors.

Knitted Smart Fabrics

Our lab is affiliated with the ExCITe Center and the Shima Seiki Haute Technology Laboratory, where we work with engineers and fashion designers to develop knitted smart textiles.  This is done using Shima Seiki industrial knitting machines and conductive yarns and fibers.

Inkjet Antennas

Inkjet antennas are conformal antennas created by coating conductive polymer on sundry materials using a specialized inject printer. This results in flexible and customized antennas for a great variety of applications.